Informatics and work - Master level

IAW are co-founders of the Informatics Network Sweden, which is a group of researcher and teachers in Informatics from different universities in Sweden who are partners in running two distance-based Master programs in Informatics. See more about this post-graduate program at

Master of Science in Informatics

IAW was part of the interdisciplinary teacher's team involved in developing and running the Master of e-Government program at Blekinge Institute of Technology. The program was run by the Department of Interaction and System Design, School of Engineering.

The Master if e-government program was a distance education program which was first run in the autumn of 2004. The program was intended mainly for students working in the public sector, who have a bachelor's degree, and who feel they need to learn more about the theory and practice of e-government.   Unfortunately, the program had to be closed down in 2007 due to lack of students applying for it. We had hoped that municipalities and government agencies would encourage their employees to get competence development within the e-government area by offering space for distance studies part time etc. This was not the case.

Sara Eriksén was course responsible for the master thesis course (15 ECTS) and a course about change in theory and practice (15 ECTS) within this program.

Sara Eriksén has been teaching part time on the international master program IT Product Design at the Mads Clausen Institute, Southern Denmark University in Sönderborg, Denmark, during the autumn of 2005. Here, she has been co-course responsible for the IT Visions course (7.5 ECTS) and co-examiner of the Critical Reflections course.



Sara Eriksén has supervised students doing their master thesis projects in Informatics at the Växjö University during the spring of 2005. During 2006 and 2007 she has been course responsible for the master thesis courses in Informatics at Växjö University, including supervision of one or more student projects each term.

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