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E-services for everyone - regional R&D cooperation in Blekinge

On Wednesday October 4th 2006, the Swedish Knowledge Channel on TV showed a brief video (in Swedish) about e-services for everyone. The video gives a glimse of on-going cooperation in the Blekinge Region between public government agencies, various citizen's interest groups and researchers at Blekinge Institute of Technology around developing public e-services that everyone can use.  Click here to view 

Research about design and use of IT in the public sector

In 2004, when IAW was involved in the TANGO e-government arena and the KomInDu research project in Ronneby municipality, a brief video recorded interview was made (in Swedish) with Sara Eriksén about IAW:s research.


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How can technology be designed and developed in ways so that it actually supports and enhances work, communication and cooperation in everyday life? Research leader Sara Eriksén and her research group Informatics and Work (IAW) focus on design and use of IT in the public sector - often referred to as 'e-government'. IAW is currently cooperating with a number of other researchers from different disciplines in research and development projects in the e-government area, regionally, nationally and on a European and International level.



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