Informatics and work - how it started

The research group Informatics and Work (IAW) was formally established in 2002. Before this, it existed as a small but autonomous and 100% externally funded research group within Human Work Science, where it originated in 1999.

The focus on e-government which our research has today grew out of Eriksén's research during the 1990:s. This research was concerned with the design and development of integrated on-line information systems for citizen-centric services in municipalities. It was based mainly on ethnographic field studies of the use - and non-use - of computer support in front office work in public sector one-stop shops (Eriksén, 1998).

In 2000, Annelie Ekelin joined the group, broadening and strengthening the scope of our research, especially in the areas of e-democracy and participatory design of e-services involving citizens (Ekelin, 2003).



  Annelie Ekelin
  Working with the Fogbow
  Design and reconfiguration of services
  and participation in eGovernment.
  Licentiate Series No 2003:01

We are proud of our publication list. However, it would not have been as impressive if we had not been fortunate in our interdisciplinary networking and collaborative writing through the years. Credit is also due to two previous members of the group, who have since moved on to other positions. In 2000-2001, Elisabeth Andersson, and later, in 2003-2004, Jeff Winter, had the role of project assistant and prospective Ph D student in IAW.

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