Marie Persson

PhD in Computer Science

I hold a Ph.D in Computer Science and I am also a trained intensive care nurse with experience gathered at several hospitals in Sweden and in Norway. My main focus of research is applied to healthcare and healthcare management. Currently, I am leading a research project in collaboration with the Orhtopaedic department at the county hospital which concerns efficient management of elective surgeries. In this project we investigate the potential of conducting surgery predictions early in the healthcare process by mining healthcare records. With the help of early surgery predictions we may be able to develop decision support for enhanced surgery planning and resource allocation.

 I am accustomed to a wide array of technologies and methods from computer science, but my work has mainly been based on the use of simulation and mathematical optimisation. Recently I have also started to explore the use of data mining and multi-agent technology within the application area of healthcare management. In addition, I have lately opened a joint industrial research project in which our aim is to study financial aspects related to healthcare management- and IT investments and procurements.


















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