Physical Acoustics

Oleg Rudenko

Claes Hedberg


Disappearing sound

Visible light can be transmitted in a beam (torch).

The same can be done with audible sound.

The sound can also be made to disappear in the propagation direction.

(This can not be done with light).

The concept is to cancel out the directive sound beam produced by a parametric sound source, by transmitting a second parametric signal which produces the audible sound in anti-phase. Due to differences in frequencies in the first and second sources the audible sound will be generated at different distances, giving a region in the propagation direction where the sound can be heard.

The input wave is sin(w1t)+sin(w2t)+Asin(w3t+p)+Asin(w4t). In the plot below, the frequencies wi   are 38, 40, 58 and 60 kHz. The amplitude parameter A is changed. The frequency pair 60 and 58 creates the audible sound 60-58 = 2 kHz, then the frequency pair 40 and 38 cancels the audible sound.Plotted below is the difference frequency 2 kHz as function of distance for A=1.525.

The solutions are based on an exact analytical arbitrary multi-frequency solution found in Multi-frequency plane, nonlinear and dissipative waves at arbitrary distances, Hedberg, C.M., J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 106, 3150-3155 (1999).

The disappearing sound received a grant from Teknikbrostiftelsen Lunds 2000 for university associated product development.


Resonators and other nonlinear system

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