Welcome to the department of mechanical engineering!


The department of Mechanical Engineering, within the School of Engineering, is a relatively small unit with in-depth knowledge. Our work is focused on product development and sustainability of society as it applies to education, research as well as social and commercial development. We successfully integrate our research and education with local economic and community development efforts, which makes it possible for us to continue to build our capacity.

We work in high degree accordingly to Blekinge Institute of Technology’s profile “applied information communication technology and sustainable development of society” and have very modern equipment for product development and visualization. We have one of the country’s best platforms for virtual reality, which means that we can present products and their functions in an easily understood format. We also have advanced measuring equipment, which for example can be used to decide the dynamic characteristics of structures. The knowledge of measuring is decisive, even through the use of modern simulation equipment, to be successful in product development.

Some events in the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s history worth mention:

1993: The three year education programme in Product development started.
1996: Our master programme in Structural mechanics started.
1997: The first Ph. D student began working at the department.
2000: Our first associate professor (docent) was appointed.
2000: The three year education programme in Virtual product development and design started.
2001: Two licentiate of technology, supervised at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, where examined.
2001: Our first fulltime professor was appointed.
2001: The department got its own research area in Mechanical Engineering.
2002: “Civilingenjörsutbildning” (a master programme) in Mechanical Engineering was approved and will start in the autumn 2003.
2003: The two first licentiate of technology where examined at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. 
2003: A new master´s programme in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability was approved.
2004: The new master's Programme in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability begins successfully.
2005: Mechanical Engineerings two first Ph. D exams.


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