Frequently Asked Questions concerning Master of Science Program in Informatics

60 ECTS (1 year) or 120 ECTS (2 years) 

NO INTAKE 2012 OR 2013. Students who wish to finish the programmes, contact

Q: Is the Master of Informatics programme cancelled?

A: Yes, both the Master of Informatics programmes have been cancelled as of the autumn intake of new students in 2012. Blekinge Institute of Technology will however be offering master level courses in informatics for those students who are still taking the programme, with the aim of having students achieve their Master's Degree by spring 2014 at the latest. Contact if you wish to set up an individual study plan for finishing your Master's Degree in Informatics by spring 2014.

Q: I still have some courses left to take before I can get my Master's Degree in Informatics. What courses will be available for the autumn of 2013 that I can study in order to finish my degree?

A: During the first study period (September 2nd to November 3rd 2013), the course Research Methodologies in Informatics (7,5 ects) will be running at half speed. The Master thesis courses (15 ects) and (30 ects) will both be running in parallel during the entire autumn of 2013, starting September 2nd and ending January 19th 2014. During the second study period (November 20th to January 19th 2014), the course Advanced Topic in Informatics (7,5 ects) will be running at half speed. If you have not already done so, please contact if you wish to set up an individual study plan for finishing your Master's Degree in Informatics by spring 2014. Note that there are a limited number of places on these courses, and that those students who have managed their studies at half speed or more will be given highest priority.

 Q: I want to take the Master thesis course and/or the Research Methodologies course, and/or the Advanced Topic course, during the autumn semester of 2013. What should I do in order to be admitted to the course?

A: Please use the application form for re-registration for the informatics programme, at:

There is a non-negotiable requirement that you must have finished at least the first 2 courses – preferably the first 3 courses - on the informatics programme in order to be able to apply for writing a master thesis and, thereafter, when the thesis is finished, submitted and passed, achieve a 1 year master degree.

If you were previously registered on the 2-year programme and you are unable to achieve enough points for finishing the degree on this programme, it is possible to change programmes. In order to change programmes from the 2-year to the 1-year programme in informatics, please fill in and submit the application form for this, which you can find at

Note that for the Research Methodologies course and the Master Thesis Course you must register by the latest by the 20th of September 2013.

Q: What do I need to do in order to get my Master's Degree Certificate?

A: Once you have finished all the mandatory courses with a Passed grade, and thus have the necessary credits for this, you need to apply for the Master's Degree Certificate via the digital form for this, which you can find on the BTH web (search for Digital Forms).Note: If you have a so called temporary or local Swedish social security number (with a T or a P in it), you may need to contact University West in order to get a copy of the grades you have received on the courses they have offered on the Master of Informatics programmes, as the National result certificate link may not work. See below why and what you need to do in this case to get a transcript of your grades.


Q: How can I see what courses I have finished, and check that my results have been registered, when some of the courses are run by University West and registered there, and some are run by Blekinge Institute of Technology and registered there?

A: Via the Student portal, you can select the option National result certificate, which will give you a complete list of all your registered results from university courses in Sweden.We are sorry about this inconvenience for our international students. Starting in the autumn of 2011 however, students on the master of informatics programs will be receiving a student account at the University West when they start their studies, so they will be able to access their grades via the University West student portal.

Note: Many of the international students have received temporary social security numbers in Sweden, "pnr". Students with temporary pnr are not able to access a national certificate of all the courses they have taken at different universities in Sweden, because the temporary personnummer may be different at different universities (the last four digits). The first three courses you have studied on the Master of Informatics program are offered by University West. They will not be visible when you look for your grades in the BTH student portal. What you need to do to get this certificate is to contact and ask them to send you this certificate. You need to send them your full name and the first 6 digits of your pnr (the last 4 digits will not be the same in their system, so will only confuse them).

Q: Do I need to come to Sweden during the education, for taking exams etc?

A: The education is entirely distance based. You are not required to come to Sweden at any point during the education. A learning platform which includes support for video conferencing is used for communicating with students all over the world. Thus, you do not need to apply for a visa for this education.The information in the personal note in your admission letter about needing to apply for a visa was thus incorrect, please disregard it.

Q: I have been admitted to the Master of Informatics program but I am having problems registering for it. What should I do?

A: Contact the IT helpdesk! There are instructions about how to do this on the BTH Student's portal. The two courses you need to enroll for on our digital learning platform It's Learning are: Fundamental Issues in Informatics, fall 11 and Design theory and design research, fall 11.

Q: I have not received my student account information yet. What should I do?

A: If you have not received your student account information (user name and password) via e-mail by now, you should contact the IT helpdesk at BTH. How to do this? See the BTH Student's portal, under "Acquire your account".

Q:  I have now recieved the Welcome Note from BTH. Would you please provide some course materials or allow me to be a member in your online library, so I can start reading now? (Question received May 2010)

A:  I am happy to hear that you are ambitious and want to start straight away. However, it is not possible to access courses and detailed course information before the first day of the autumn semester, which is August 30th this year (2010).

Q: How can I pay the student union fee?

A: As of the 1:st of July 2010 it is optional to be a member of a student union at a university in Sweden.
For those of you who are studying at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Blekinge Student Union is your local student union.You will find more information about the student union fee (300 SEK per semester) and how to pay it at the BTH student union web site at  

Q: I registered for the program last year but now I am unable to use my student account anymore. Why?

A: You need to re-register for the program every single semester via the BTH Student's Portal. Please do not forget to do this at the beginning of each semester, as it causes both student and staff a lot of extra work if you forget! You basically lose your place on the program (not only your student account) if you forget to register during the first three weeks of the semester. EACH semester!

 Q: How do I find the Student's Portal?


1. Go to
2. Choose English version (click on English flag)
3. Check the list of Short Cuts on the lefthand side of the site
4. Click on Student's Portal  

Q: Where can I find the Welcome letters to students on the Master of Informatics programs starting autumn 2011 or starting on the second year of the 120 ects program autumn 2011? I didn't get one.

A: You can find the links to the Welcome letters for autumn 2011 at the bottom of the course home page see Please note that the course names in the Welcome letters are preliminary and might have changed a little by the time you want to enroll for the courses in It's Learning.




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