MSC in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Telecommunication systems

120 ECTS (2 years) Degree of Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, with emphasis on Telecommunication systems

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(Updated 2011-08-30)

The address is now active. Any queries regarding the programme regarding progression, individual study plans, etc should be sent to this address.

The is for transcripts and other non-programme related issues.


(Updated December 30, 2011)

Compulsory Roll Call Meeting
There is a compulsory roll call meeting on Monday 3rd of September at 10:00 (10:00 am) in BTH Campus Karlskrona, Building G, Room J1620.
You must attend the roll call meeting in order to keep your seat.

If you, for any acceptable reason (VISA problems etc) cannot attend at the roll call
meeting, you must notify us in advance to keep your seat.
Please use (only!) the email address

Reservation of seat
We can reserve your seat at the programme until 17th of September 2012.
It means that this is the last date for starting your studies.
The autumn semester starts on the 3rd of September and you will start with two
compulsory courses: TCP/IP Internetworking and Complex Analysis and Transforms.
Please note that a late arrival will affect your studies. During the first weeks there are,
for instance, preparations for the compulsory lab sessions.

If you cannot meet the deadline of 17th of September, and have specific reasons for this,
you need to seek deferment no later than 24th of September 2012. You find information
about deferment on BTH International Office homepage:




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