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Boldt110128I'm a PhD in computer science at Blekinge Institute of Technology. As a member of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering I'm currently involved in an interesting research project together with the Swedish Police were we focus on the mitigation of serial crime, in particular residential burglaries. The means investigated include systematic collection of crime scene information, researching analysis methods using data mining and machine learning, and creating automatic methods for shoe print analysis. The project is funded by the EU (6.9 MSEK).

I'm also involved in the study of Privacy-Invasive Software (PIS), loosely labelled spyware. The main research goal in this setting is to create a classification of PIS, and thereby investigate how PIS relate to both legitimate and traditionally malicious software. Another research goal is preventive mechanisms against PIS, which we argue need to be more user-oriented than traditional anti-virus like techniques.

We are working on automatic analysis of the End-User License Agreements (EULA) that users must agree to before installing software. These EULAs includes clues about the implications associated with the software, but next to nobody read them since they are lengthy and hard to understand. Our research involves using machine learning techniques to automatically learn patterns that signify "good" and "bad" EULAs. These patterns can then be implemented into a decision-support-tool that automatically can classify previously unknown EULAs as being either good or bad. In 2010 I presented my PhD thesis  "Privacy-Invasive Software" on these research results (thesis available here).

We also focus on the process of informing users about software implications as they are about to install new software on their system. One way forward is to use collaborative reputation systems (used by for instance IMDb.com) to store previous users' knowledge about software in a knowledge-base. This information is then used to present new users with up-to-date software reputations, i.e. providing information about both negative and positive consequences associated with software that they are about to install. Hopefully, users will reflect upon such information and thereby reach a more informed decision on weather to proceed with the installation or not.

Besides the research I also teach various security courses and supervise master theses. I'm also one of the administrators of our Security Laboratory where I'm involved in maintenance and development of this Unix environment. During my spare time I love photographing and some of my photos can be found at Boldtfoto.se (in Swedish).

Contact information is available here.


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