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Xuefeng (Snovo) is from Beijing, China. He received his Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2004 from Beijing University. After graduating, he worked for three years for CBD in Beijing - a Danish design studio.He then worked for three years for Lenovo.

These six years taught him a lot about successful product design.In particular as he was able to see a product go from its birth of an idea to its response by consumers. He learned a lot about client and end-user satisfaction and understanding their needs and desires.

However he found out thatmore and more new problems trouble the companies and their engineers. Although they already busy with all their time - What's happening? Xuefeng thinks there must be something wrong already when the companies designed their business plans.

So he joined MSPI to find the key to change it. After this masters degree Xuefeng hopes to help companies in China to develop sustainably for the future.Xuefeng also hopes to one day pass his knowledge and experiences on to others. This is his destiny. He is never in doubt of this.

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Xi Chen ("Cecilia") was born in Kunming in southwest of China. In 2009, she earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design from Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST). This year as an exchange student, she came to beautiful Karlskrona and study about sustainable development in BTH.

For the past 5 years at KUST, Xi Chen spent most of her time to learn the product design and in her spare time, Xi Chen was a Minister of Press for the student union of KUST. In this position she initiated many activities, including organizing environment education events on saving water for example. However she noticed that these are not enough, and since the concept of sustainable development in China has been talked more and more, she was eager to find a future balance between industrial design and sustainability.

This inspired Xi Chen to take the chance of being an exchange student to come to Sweden to search for the answer of sustainable product-service system. After two years of study, she looks forward to going back to China to bring sustainable design project to her hometown and how socio-economic development and nature can co-exist and even be in harmony. She loves movies, travelling and spending time with friends.


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Shahryar is from Tehran, Iran. For 15 years, he has combined a successful professional life in software engineering with an active volunteer life in environmental advocacy. After receiving his Computer Engineering degree from Tehran University, he developed software and from there he has gone on to found and run his own software company. He is also a senior consultant to some major insurance companies in Iran. Shahryar has been an active volunteer in two major Iranian environmental NGOs, serving as a volunteer board member. He is also a member of an internationally renowned think tank. Shahryar has published papers, contributed book chapters and presented different seminars on sustainable development.

It has been one of the Shahryar's desires to fuse his passion for his profession, the environment, and his other multi-disciplinary studies into an organic hybrid. That was when he searched for it and found the MSPI program at BTH.

Shahryar hopes to be enhanced by the knowledge and the network to bring solutions to communities and organizations which enable them to achieve multi-dimensional sustainability by applying core concepts of sustainability via information based processes and structures, at both the organizational and technological levels.


mspi bio photoAaron is from the east coast of Canada. Although, he has spent most of the past two years of his life living in the high north of Canada. After completing his BSc. in Computer Science in 2005 he spent the next three years alternating work and travel. He worked as a software engineer and later spent a summer as a computer repairman.

For travel, he spent eight months in Asia of which six were working with a Canadian NGO in Lao PDR. His second trip took him to Latin America for seven months. He then returned to school to do a Diploma in Environmental Sciences.

After graduating, a coworker and him opened up the first office of North America's largest ENGO, the Sierra Club, in his home province of Prince Edward Island.

An active volunteer, committed to making the community around him better, Aaron is known for his friendliness, strong work-ethic and love for learning.

Aaron can often be found playing team and racquet sports, cooking elaborate meals in the kitchen, or quietly reading in his room. His greatest skill is an ability to think creatively. He dreams of making some of his bigger ideas a reality.


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Yurie has a Masters degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) from Blekinge Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Social Science from the International Christian University in Japan. She is a registered Certified Public Accountant in Japan and her professional experiences include auditing, tax advisory and internal control consult ing, including five years with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Japan. Inspired by her experiences in the MSLS program, Yurie has set her vision to provide hope to the next generation.

Now she is passionate about implementing sustainability and leadership education in Japanese universities, especially for engineering students, because she believes engineering students are one of Japan's strength in the future, too. Product-Service System Innovation seems to be a good approach because it would be able to show a right direction that Japan should move to them and provide them with a big possibility that they can tackle with the sustainability challenge.

Yurie's personal hope is to spend as much time as possible with her cherished son who has most inspired her and her husband, the best partner of her life, who are inspiring me the most. Last but not least another vision is to bring 'fika' culture in Japan.


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Abbas (Behrad) is from Tehran, Iran. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Fluid Mechanics. Over the past eight months, Abbas has worked in two different companies: Hirgran Energy, and the Iran Society of Consulting Engineering. These two workplaces have given him an insider's perspective of the oil industry and the many difficulties that it faces. After that, Abbas participated in a project as a consulting engineer to improve the heating and cooling systems of buildings in Tehran; which focused on sustainability and innovation in order to balance the costs.

He has also taken classes in sociology and other social sciences during in his spare time. These classes gave him a broad outlook on a range of topics and concepts and gave him perspectives to find his main interest which is to design and maintain the systems and processes that make up our world.

He firmly believes that as a modern individual one cannot be one-dimensional anymore, each system can't be exclusive to one matter and should be built based on diverse factors which all of them must have a focus on sustainability and innovation. Before coming to BTH, Abbas started a café, which became one of the most famous cafes in Tehran.


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Sabine retains a dual citizenship in Rwanda and Canada. She is passionate about people, nature and designing, and has a Bachelor in Industrial Design from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. During her last year of undergraduate studies, her thesis project,"Magic Sound Steps" won the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO) awards for Most Innovative in the Toy, Education and Learning Category as well as Best in Show in 2008. Before she joined MSPI, she worked as an Industrial Designer at the playground company, Dynamo Industries in Ottawa, Canada, where she developed playground equipments designed with the environment, innovation, safety and fun in mind. Throughout Sabine's educational and professional careers, she has established a desire to create innovative, sustainable appealing products.

Having grown up in Rwanda, she brings a simple design approach to her work. She also heads up a LinkedIn group in which like minded industry professionals share ideas about Designing For Basic Needs. She sees her studies in sustainable design at BTH as the natural compliment to this particular approach. She enjoys being involved in activities that bring individuals from all walks of life together. Just recently, Sabine was a representative of BTH at the 2010 World Student Environment Summit in Tubingen, German. The summit provided excellent networking opportunities and a platform for a range of environmental issues discussions.


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Nanond was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Curious and always appreciative of a logical approach to problems, he chose materials engineering for his bachelor degree at Kasetsart University. Since then, he has developed an understanding of how materials work, from molecular microstructure to macroscopic scale applications. His work as a raw materials engineer at Spansion (Thailand), a Flash memory chip maker, placed him in one of the best positions to oversee how materials were extracted from nature and made into products. Various materials from manufacturers provided many challenging problems which required multi-angle problem solving; ranging from physical inspection of materials, process management to human behavioral studies.

Through his career he has been gradually exposed to the increasing environmental impact that industry and society places upon nature. He realized that it would not be enough just to produce goods that meet industrial environmental regulations for the environment. Having an interest in product development, he chose the Master's program in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

He is determined to answer the needs of future generations. Easy going and friendly, he always enjoys meeting people from different cultures,travelling and photography.


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Lisiana was born and raised in Indonesia. She has spent most of her adult life though living in Singapore. Lisiana has a Bachelor of Architecture.

She also pursued a Master of Building Science at the National University of Singapore. Her work as an architectural consultant has including doing master plans for islands off the coast of Indonesia and India, an addition for Nanyang Technological University alteration projects in Singapore - Singapore's Mass Rapid Transportation system, and Hotel architectural planning.

Lisiana loves the creative process of architectural and interior design. She has spent time learning about about Ecotect, TAS, and Radiance for energy modelling. When she studied in Singapore, she was interested in "Green Mark" assessment, which is a sustainable building certification in Singapore.

The Green Mark assessment encouraged her to learn about sustainability in various kinds of products, which is the major reason that brought her to learn of Blekinge Institute of Technology. Lisiana enjoys food although she is still struggling to learn the art of cooking. She hopes to someday have her own business.


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Mark Simmons was born and has spent most of his time in Ottawa, Canada. He holds a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carleton University. Since graduating, Mark has worked as an industrial designer within both large multinational companies and small design consultancies. Mark has taken the occasional break from the design office and spent time working as a tree planter and as a field manager navigating Ontario's forests while working for a junior mineral exploration company. He currently works for Avaya's Design and User Experience Lab conceptualizing a variety of communication devices.

While at The Blekinge Institute of Technology Mark seeks to research sustainable materials and processes. He also plans to learn how to influence the behaviours of clients and customers towards making informed decisions based on more than just cost and convenience. In the future, he hopes to help change society's current affinity for all things temporary and disposable.

A multi-faceted talent, Mark brings enthusiasm, optimism and a sharp eye for detail to the problem solving process. He moonlights as a painter and expresses his need for customization and individual expression in everything he designs. Passionate about all things active and outdoors, Mark is especially looking forward to learning how to sail off the coast of Karlskrona.


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Björn Tenland was born and raised in southern Sweden. From an early age he was interested in construction, computers and flying, which is why he chose to study mechanical engineering. After school he worked at Tollo Linear, where he had previously completed his thesis project.

Björn then continued on to work as a teacher. He spent some time teaching at the highschool level, but most of his time as a teacher was spent at C-4 skolan in Kristianstad, Sweden. In the summer, when the school was closed, Björn acquired a pilot's licence, a moderate understanding of Spanish and German and excellent cooking skills.

Björn has a passion for volunteer work and goes away two weeks of the year to different locations around the world where help is needed. He has done mainly construction work after natural disasters, like the ones in New Orleans and Mexico, but he has also done some teaching.

At the Blekinge Institute of Technology Björn seeks to gain the knowledge to help companies in innovative ways to stay ahead in the field sustainability and regulations. Björn is known to be an easygoing, multitalented christian who is an excellent chef. He loves to go running and loves anything that involves airplanes.


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Carolina Villamil is from Colombia. She is an Industrial Designer with a specialized Masters in Multimedia Design from the National University of Colombia. She has worked as a product, sign, multimedia and graphic designer and as a design instructor.

She is interested in working with communities and developing innovative solutions that fulfill peoples' needs in a creative and sustainable way. She believes that education is one of the most important strategies to change the behavior of people and for that reason she has developed and oversaw pedagogic projects focused on sustainability.

In 2009 she took a course on natural resource management training, in which her team conducted research on the army conflict and the associated impacts on biodiversity, local communities, and the environment. Carolina loves her country and is passionate about bringing innovative sustainable changes to Colombia.

She is hopeful that her time at BTH will give her the tools to develop innovative solutions for this end. She is an inspired and motivated individual who wants to make a difference now.She loves to travel and learn about other cultures. She is known for her friendly smile and love of dancing.


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Farnaz was born and spent the first two decades of her life in Isfahan, Iran. She has a bachelor in Computer Hardware Engineering from Najafabad University. Farnaz has work experience in hardware simulation and software programming, and is mostly interested in modeling and simulation. In the future she would like to bring her knowledge and expertise to the sustainable product design area.

While at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Farnaz dreams of contributing to the creation of innovative second generation technology and products in order to make the world more sustainable. Furthermore she has a tremendous passion for nature and has spent a lot of time with her father at their farm where she enjoys planting trees. Farnaz has also always shown interest in social activities, such as working as a volunteer in an NGO for women rights.

She is described as an easygoing woman who enjoys working with other passionate and hardworking people. She is also looking forward to exploring all the countries and cultures in the world



Babak Kianian is a Mechanical Engineer from Iran, who is now furthering his career with studies in Sustainable Product Design and Development. After completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Solids Design at Azad University, Science and Research Branch, in Tehran, he enjoyed a practicum in the assembly management sector at Iran Khodro Co, the largest car manufacturing plant in Iran.

His past research work has included designing and critiquing sustainable sanitation solutions, creating strategic sustainability plans for high-tech businesses and creating other products that address sustainability challenges.

He is currently pursuing a Master's of Science in Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. He is from a country with an enormous amount of resources that are used in unsustainable ways. He has seen first-hand the intense need for a sustainable future and wants to be part of the solution.

In the future he would like to create solutions to help communities in diverse corners of the world take steps towards full sustainability. He also has a strong desire to eventually teach within the university system to further promote strategic sustainability. He also has a strong interest in psychology and factors that motivate human thoughts and actions.


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Yan is from Kunming in southwest of China, a optimistic man. He has a Master degree of MBA at Yunnan University, however he holds a bachelor of Accounting from same university. Since graduating, Yan has worked as a deputy project manager at the Railways Ministry of China. There, he participated in the enterprise reform, measures discussion analysis and research works of rail line construction.

Having the opportunity to study within the MSPI program at BTH, Yan is especially interested in learning towards eliminating the environmental problems in China. He believes that together we can create changes which will affect our future towards more Sustainability.

As a life cherisher, Yan is a versatile life observer and study deeply into cello, film photography and outdoor exploration especially he has topped two snow mountains in Tibet. Yan likes travel, thinking about his career and travelling in different countries, enjoying their stunning nature, encouraged him to look for a 'greener' approach to his life.

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