Creativity and the Development Process - MT2531


Course Objectievs

Advanced students will gain a deeper understanding and practical experience of creative concept development methods at the early phases of the product development process. Student will be able to rethink and reconceive how human needs are currently fulfilled through methods that help to identify user needs, generate concept ideas and evaluate and prioritize those ideas.


  • The role of creativity in the product development process
  • Creativity techniques
  • Methods for evaluating and prioritizing between concept ideas
  • Creativity related group dynamics and basics for managing creativity in organizations
  • The business case for creativity

Aims and learning outcomes

On completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Independently plan and facilitate effective creativity sessions using creativity techniques to contribute to sustainable product-service system development
  • Describe the importance of creativity and the significance of identifying user needs in the early stages of the product development process
  • Describe and apply the concept of “creative tension” in the innovation process
  • Demonstrate an ability to select and utilize advanced methods for need identification, problem exploration and the discovery of innovation opportunities.
  • Identify and choose appropriate prioritization guidelines for the purpose of evaluating and choosing concept ideas.

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