Design Thinking

Design Thinking - Inspiration / Ideation / Implementation

The aim of the course is that students will get good insights and skills in how both technical and social innovations are created. The course covers the design and development of new products (hardware and services) and processes (technical and organizational), with particular focus on methods, tools and strategies for the early phases of the innovation process. The course is based on Design Thinking - an approach to deal with complex issues and contexts in which the designer match insights about the needs of people with viable solutions in a market offer. The course includes lectures and exercises related to theories of design processes and methods in the field of design and innovation. Students will actively search for and analyze users' needs and then develop ideas, concepts and detailed solutions to match those needs.


Design Thinking - Desirability / Viability / Feasibility
Being able to combine viability, feasibility and desirability of a total offering is crucial for PSS. Design Thinking is about giving the student the insight and ability to match people's desires and needs with what is technically feasible in a viable business proposition for increased customer value and market opportunities. Design Thinking is a method and an approach where one is provided with and develops the tools to support innovation activities with a human-centered design philosophy.

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