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PSS Extreme Innovation

As part of this key course in the MSPI program, one of the teams made a promotional video for their course project. Learn more about the course here.

Industry visits

Also, as part of the Methods for Sustainable Product-Service Development course, MSPIs went to for a study visit to Trollhättan to see both SAAB and Volvo Aero. Here are some photos from the visit (photo credit to MSPI Nanond Nopparat).



Airbus: Fly your ideas

A group of MSPIs participated in the first two rounds of the Airbus: Fly Your Ideas challenge earlier this spring. Check out the video that they submitted as part of their entry to share their idea for developing an "Airbus Digital Corridor" (opens in a new window).

dream time team

Cycling to Serbia!

It was recently summertime in Sweden! And our MSPIs were out and about doing various things... taking summer courses, doing internships around the globe, relaxing... and cycling to Serbia! Read more about Nanond's (MSPI) and Xavier's (MSLS) trip in Swedish or in English on the BTH page. You can also visit their blog.

serbia bike trip

Biomimicry Workshop

Visiting researchers from The Netherlands -- Ingrid de Pauw and Ernst-Jan Mul -- facilitated a biomimicry workshop with MSPI. Together we looked at a few different products and how biomimicry principles could help them to be designed in a better way. Lots of interesting potential innovations came up!


Marshmallow Challenge

MSPIs helped out some colleagues that were experimenting with a creativity project by participating in a "Marshmallow Challenge". It resulted in a little learning and a lot of fun as you can see in the pictures!


MSPI Prototyping

Once upon a time, MSPI did a little prototyping... this time thinking about the MSPI experience in three stages: 1) the pre-MSPI experience of learning about the program and applying, 2) their time as students in MSPI, and 3) their time after MSPI and what they want to be prepared to do when they graduate. One of the prototypes produced a "Recipe for MSPI," calling for, and shown in the picture:

  • 2 cups of Innovation
  • 3 spoons of Sustainability
  • Lots of Fun and Happiness
  • 3-4 pieces of Creativity
  • 14 or more wonderful People



Engineering for a Sustainable Society Presentations

MSPIs (together with MSLS participants in the course) presented their course projects in a "Pecha Kucha" format: 20 slides for 20 seconds each!

(photo credit: Kim Davis)

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