MSPI Theses

Class of 2014

Development of a Systems Dynamics model to assess the value of alternative manufacturing technologies
Cheng Tao, Chengqi Li 

A Vision for a Better User Experience in a Smart Home
Sicong Ma, Prina Shah, Jun Che 

Class of 2013

A PSS-based process: Towards the participation of elderly in co-development of sustainable habitat solutions
Itziar López 

Exploring Culture Changes to Help Develop Product-Service Systems
Mengqiong Liu

Class of 2012 

Here you have links to the thesis documents. Also check out video from their final presentations

Information and Intelligence Design Patterns for Resilience and Sustainability in Product-Service Systems
Link to ArikivEx
Shahryar Eivazzadeh

P2P Carsharing Service Design: Informing User Experience Development
Attachment A: Survey
Attachment B: The World of P2P Carsharing Infographic
Attachment C: Borrowers Customer Journey Map
Attachment D: User Profiles
Attachment E: Design Challenges and Actions Matrix
Attachment F: Survey Results Charts
Link to ArkivEx
Aaron Lewis, Mark Simmons

Product Development Starts from Crowdsourcing -- The Business of
Link to ArkivEx
Xuefeng Bai (Snovo)

Value-Driven Needfinding for Early Product-Service System Development: A Study in Collaboration with Volvo Construction Equipment in the Chinese Market
Link to ArkivEx
Yan Zhang, Xi Chen (Cecilia)

Resource Consumption of Additive Manufacturing Technology
Link to ArkivEx
Nanond Nopparat, Babak Kianian

Crowdsourcing: Using Open Modes of Collaboration for Product-Service System Innovation
Link to ArkivEx
Abbas (Behrad) Mirafshar

Product-Service Systems: Co-Designing for Social Impact
booklet: PSS Co-Design for Social Impact
Link to ArkivEx
Sabine Mukaze, Denny Carolina Villamil Velasquez

Exploring Impacts of Project Overload on Creativity: An Agent-Based Modeling Approach
Link to ArkivEx
Farnaz Motamediyan 

How to Implement Sustainable Business Development Strategy with Management Consulting [Classified thesis work]
Lisiana Nurhadi, Bjorn Tenland


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