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Sustainable Product-Service Innovation
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About Me

I focus on ways to bring sustainability aspects into the product innovation working environment, especially through product/service systems. I want to better understand how industry can use knowledge of global social and ecology sustainability in order to develop products/services that are more competitive on the market while also have less negative sustainability impacts. I use various approaches to modeling and simulation to support incorporating sustainability into the product innovation process. My research is about using existing tools like Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and new tools that we develop here at BTH like strategic life cycle assessment (SLCA), templates for sustainable product development (TSPD), and a method for sustainable product development (MSPD) -- and finding out the best ways to include these tools and methods in the product innovation process.

The main aims of my research are to investigate (i) how methods & tools for sustainable product development (SPD) and product-service systems (PSS) could be further co-developed and integrated into established product development working environments, and (ii) how these methods & tools could mutually interact to support societal transformation towards sustainability while strengthening the collaborating product-service system providers. There is a focus on simulation support for prediction of risks and opportunities of extended value-chain cooperation around a life-cycle commitment, taking into account in a coordinated way technical, business/economic and socio-ecological implications of different alternatives in early product development phases. This is believed to aid prioritization, whole product-service system optimization and communication of added value.

My research interest grew out of my experience in the Master's program in Strategic Leadership toward Sustainability (MSLS) here at BTH, which I completed in the spring of '007.

I now work with both the (Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability) MSLS and Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation (MSPI) master's programmes.

Prior to starting research at BTH, I worked with Habitat for Humanity, an international NGO, in several different roles including directing a retail store to both raise money for the NGO's work and divert useful construction materials from the landfill and also organizational capacity building and leadership development.

Before that, I worked with a small IT consulting company to setup local area networks, utilizing experiences that I gained from my BA in computer science from Cornell College.


Research & Projects

My research is within the SPIRIT of Sweden project (Sustainable Product Innovation Research IniTiative), and I have been involved in these projects:

  • Decision Support for Sustainable Value Chains
  • Simulation Support for Sustainable Value Chains
  • Prioritization Support for Sustainable Product Development (completed)
  • Effective and Sustainable Water Jet Cutting (completed)


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Publications In Progress

Systems Modeling and Simulation within Sustainability Constraints - The Case of Water Jet Cutting.

Strategic Sustainable Development & Product-Service Systems.

Visualizing Aspects of PSS Using Color-coded CAD Models.


Other Adventures

In January 2007, I was a participant in The Climate Project (TCP), and continue to be involved by giving informational presentations on climate change upon request. I am also the chairperson of the Managerial Team at CARD.COOP (the first European Cooperative Society -SCE- in Sweden, and among the first in the world) which makes the innovative knowledge to redesign business and society towards sustainability easily accessible to professionals around the globe in their native language.

I've lead three teams of volunteers on trips to various places around the world to build houses in partnership with people in need of better housing: in 2001 to Clarksdale, Mississippi, US; in 2003 to Capetown, South Africa; and in 2005 to Fiji.




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