The research project ASPECTS - Agile SPECTrum Security received funding under the European Union Seventh Framework Programme. The participating organizations are Athens University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, and University of Passau.

The current trend for the use of portions of spectrum for radio communications with limited license rules, or even without license, introduces significant scientific and technical challenges for the Networks of the Future. According to the cognitive radio paradigm, the use or share of the spectrum is opportunistic. Thus, spectrum is sensed, selected or shared with other users by each user. If the portion of spectrum is licensed-free, then there is no need for un-licensed users to vacate the channel when a licensed user is detected, or to detect in which sub-bands of the spectrum a licensed user is present during the sensing and detection process.

The research activities of ASPECTS focus on development of a security solution in the cooperating dynamic spectrum management approach for the open-access, licence-free paradigm. The competitors somehow synchronize and self-organised access to the common wireless medium using a distributed protocol. Additionally, homogeneous wireless technologies will be assumed, such as the IEEE 802.11a/b (Wi-Fi) approach.

Research within ASPECTS is shaped towards the following objectives:

  • Produce a reference security framework for the agile spectrum paradigm
  • Help for the easy adoption of new wireless technology
  • Contribute to the efficient utilization of the spectrum
  • Enhance the dynamic access spectrum paradigm (agile and cognitive)

Duration: 2008-2009
Funding: EU 7th Framework Programme
Academic Partners:
Athens University
University of Passau
Departmental Partners at BTH:
Telecommunication Systems

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