Labelling and Procurement Support for Sustainable Product Innovation

How could a framework for strategic sustainable development aid development of criteria and guidelines for sustainability based product labelling and sustainability-based procurement policies?

This is the main research question this project seeks to answer. The project has a total budget of 7, 5 millions SEK and is funded by the Knowledge Foundation (KK-Stiftelsen). The project started in April 2009 and has duration of 3 years.



In the marketplace of today and tomorrow, organisations are required to assess, design and procure products based on increasingly complex sustainability issues. This project therefore aims to build industry competence in how social and ecological sustainability consequences of products can be evaluated. Product labelling and procurement criteria and processes must be expanded from traditional 'eco' and 'green' approaches to cover a wider range of socio-ecological sustainability issues.

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We believe this project has high scientific originality and high relevance to Swedish industrial competitiveness. It is imperative that labelling and procurement instruments stimulate innovation towards sustainability by including a long-term backcasting perspective - to reward progress and bridge the gap between today’s best practice and design approaches and tomorrow’s global needs. Businesses taking a leading role in this development are likely to become increasingly more competitive.

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