purpose and goal

The purpose of this programme is to prepare for participation in advanced product development or research in mechanical engineering. The goal is that the graduates will master a coordinated approach to analysis support for product development, including virtual and physical modelling, simulation/experimentation, and optimisation, see below. They should also be able to keep up with and contribute to new research findings and communicate scientific data and relationships – orally and in writing – using modern animation and visualisation equipment.


Coordinated approach to analysis support.

The coordinated approach in short: Virtual models for description of interesting product characteristics are developed, verified and used for initial simulation. The simulation results are compared to results from experimentation with limited physical models developed in parallel, or to experience from previous development projects, for the purpose of validation of the virtual models. Coordination also means that the virtual models are used to design good physical models and measurement strategies. This process is iterated until there is good agreement. Simulation of the virtual models can then be used for optimisation. Should optimisation imply design changes that change the relevance of the assumptions underlying the virtual models, the whole procedure is repeated. Successively more detailed descriptions of the product are created, if necessary, as the development process proceeds. When a new product is developed, many complete iterations are usually needed. When a new variant of a product is developed, much knowledge inherent in the virtual prototypes can usually be reused.


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