Satisfied customers

We make all efforts to give a high quality education with a focus highly desired on the labour market. The only way to be successful is to have satisfied customers. Our customers are the students and the companies that employ our graduates. We are therefore very happy and proud of the positive judgements we are getting. A few voices are given below.


"Blekinge Institute of Technology is the best we know of when it comes to educating engineers that can coordinate theoretical and experimental methods for structural analysis. We are delighted with our cooporation and the graduates we have employed."

Kristian Althini, R&D Manager, AP Torsmaskiner Technical Center AB.


"A very ambitious programme with an important content and a unique connection between theoretical and experimental methods. I am truly impressed."

Göran Gerbert, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology.


"An absolute superb education. I have studied at several universities before so I am in a good position to compare the quality. In fact, even if I include my entire time in school, I have never before met such an engaged and competence staff as I did at the department of Mechanical Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology."

Lars-Erik Rännar.


"As a whole a fantastic programme. Tough, but fantastic. To me a whole new world of possibilities opened up. It was definitely a major progress in my development. I achieved a strong competence and gained much of self confidence."

Magnus Taskinen.


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