Jeff Winter - Licentiate Thesis

This page contains Jeff Winter's Licentiate Thesis, planned for presentation at a licentiate seminar on the 4th of June 2009.

The title of the thesis is:

Measuring usability - balancing agility and formality -

for stakeholders' needs in software development

The material published here has now been submitted for publishing, so the only change that will occur is that the images in the printed product are to be printed in greyscale.

The research

The field research so far has taken place within the development of software for mobile smart devices at UIQ Technology AB. UIQ Technology AB, which was recently forced to close its operations, was an internationally focused company founded in 1999 that had more than 350 employees situated in Sweden and internationally.

The research question that the thesis aims to answer is:

Which elements must be handled is a successful usability test that is driven by multiple stakeholders, in the context of market driven requirements?

The thesis, which is written as a monograph based on a number of published articles and on other unpublished material, takes up aspects of the testing process, including how elements of User Experience can be included in the test framework and how the results are best presented for different stakeholders with different information requirements.

The thesis

The version submitted for printing (uploaded 2009-04-27) is found by following the link below.

The entire thesis

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