History and honorary member

Year 1999 Yvonne Dittrich started the forerunner of today's research group U-ODD (Use-Oriented Design and Development). Earlier the research group was called UODDS (User Oriented Design and Development of Software).

The first members in the group were Yvonne  Dittrich and Olle Lindeberg. The same year one more PhD student joined the group, i.e. Kari Rönkkö. Year 2001 Christina Hansson joined the group and  Jeanette Eriksson 2002. Jeff Winter is our newest member in the group, he joined us 2005.

Year 2003 Yvonne got an offer for a position at the IT University of Copenhagen that she could not turn down. Year 2003 Yvonne kept a part-time position at BTH that was cut down 2004 and ended 2005.  

Today Yvonne is a cooperative partner and additional (co-opted) honorary member to U-ODD. As members of U-ODD we are all very thankful to Yvonne's initial hard work and efforts that has lead up to today's research group. 

Kari, Olle, Christina, Jeanette and Jeff.



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