Course literature

The book Rivstart! A1 - A2 by Scherrer/Lindemalm (second edition)
is mandatory. To be ordered at or
ISBN 978-91-27-43420-2

This book covers Swedish 1 - 4.


 Dictionaries:There are several  dictionaries from Swedish to English, for example Prismas Engelska Ordbok or Norstedts lilla engelska ordbok (also available in "pocket" edition) from about 100 Skr - 200 Skr. Or use an on-line dictionary, available for instance at On this web address you can also find other useful materials as the easy-to-read newspaper 8 dagar, general information about Sweden, on-line courses and exercises etc.

Of course all kinds of authentic materials like informational texts, newspapers, literary texts and audiovisuals will be used!



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