The programme is has a multidiciplinary profile which is mirrord in the staff configuration as well.

Permanent staff

Lars Emmelin

Senior Professor, Unesco Chair Education for Sustainability in Spatial Planning & Director, Swedish Centre, Baltic University Programme

Jan-Evert Nilsson

Professor in Business Administration with focus in regional development, BTH

Andreas Faludi

Professor in Spatial Policy System, Delft University of Technology and guest professor at BTH since 2007

Simin Davoudi

Professor in Environmental Policy & Planning, Newcastle University and guest professor at BTH since 2010

Eric Markus

Lecturer, BTH

Ana Mafalda Madureira

Doctoral student in Spatial Planning, BTH

Sabrina Fredin

Doctoral student in Industrial Economy and Management, BTH

Alina Lidén

Doctoral student in Industrial Economy and Management, BTH


Temporary staff

Aleh Cherp

Professor, International Environmental Institute, Lund University & Academic secretary Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Thomas B. Johansson

Professor in energy system analysis; previously director for the IIEE, Lund University, member of the IPCC

Ronan Uhel

Dr., Head of the Spatial Analysis group, the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen D.Sc.

Kai Böhme

Dr., Director of the Spatial Foresight GmbH

Stefan Larsson

Postdoc in Sociology of Law, Lund University & Doctoral candidate in Spatial Planning, BTH

Rolf Gustavsson

Journalist, EU correspondent for SVT and SvD

Olov Schoultz

Architect, Executive Advisor in International Affairs, Boverket


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