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Sustainable Development, Social Cohesion and Innovative Regions

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 The European Spatial Planning and Regional Development programme is a broad-based programme covering subjects ranging from spatial planning, transport planning and regional/innovation issues to societal, economic and environmental planning issues. The focus of the programme is on the European level and on skills and abilities that are applicable and useful in professional live: the programme will give you experience of practical tools as well as policies and regulations.

The master programme in European Spatial Planning and Regional Development has been given at Blekinge Institute of Technology since 2004. About130 students from about 30 countries have graduated. It is a problem-based programme about spatial planning and regional development. EU’s efforts in spatial planning and regional development are based on two pillars. The cohesion policy that aims at reducing regional disparities in Europe and to strengthen the competitiveness of regions in EU and EU’s strategy for sustainable development.

In a Swedish ranking of 2600 master programmes in 2011 at Swedish universities the master programme in European Spatial Planning and Regional Development was ranked as number one based on the number of students who got a qualified job after exam and number three based on the chances to get a job at all after graduation. Students from the programme work today in EU organisations and programmes, national governments and with spatial planning and regional development. Some former students work in consultancy firms and research institutes. A few students have been accepted as PhD students at universities in Sweden and abroad.

Since autumn 2012 Blekinge Institute of Technology offer both a one-year and two-year master programme in European Spatial Planning and Regional Development. In addition to these two programmes is Blekinge Institute involved in a two-year integrated Erasmus Mundus master programme on European spatial planning, environmental policies and regional development with Radboud University in Nijmegen and Cardiff University, PLANET Europe (For more information please go to www.planet-europe.eu).


The relations between the three master programmes can be seen in the figure below.

The European Spatial Planning Programme is arranged by Blekinge Institute of Technology in collaboration with Nordregio Academy

Nordregio Academy

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