We invite candidates from a variety of spatial planning-related backgrounds that have a relevance or applicability to the European context, such as:
- regional studies, regional development or economics,
- regional sciences,
- human, social or cultural geography,
- urban studies, 
- spatial/urban planning,
- architecture,
- environmental sciences and policy, 
- other closely associated disciplines

To further support your application, you are encouraged to send documentary evidence of your interest in European spatial planning and development, in European studies, or in innovation, social or sustainability matters. This can be, for example, proof of work experience within the field, extra-curricular studies, evening classes or courses, internship experience, voluntary work, etc.

You are also eligible if you have a bachelor's degree within any field/discipline, provided you also have at least two years' documented work experience within a field relevant to European spatial planning and regional development.

The exact fulfilment of your eligibility requirements depends on which courses you have taken as part of your degree, and at what level. We therefore need to see your course transcripts to be able to determine if you fulfil the formal requirements.

To be eligible to the programme you must have:

- At least a Bachelor's degree, equivalent to a minimum of 180 new Swedish credits ("högskolepoäng")/180 ECTS (= three years) of study, in a technical, social sciences or natural sciences field that is relevant to European spatial planning and regional development.

or - At least a Bachelor's degree of 180 higher education credits and two years of documented work experience, amounting to at least 50 per cent of a full-time employment, of relevance for the education. Relevant work experience is defined as employment or profession where a significant part of the tasks have been investigative tasks, analytical tasks, research or education, dealing with comprehensive planning, development or regional issues, alternatively European issues.

In addition you have to fulfil the following English language requirements:

Applicants with international qualifications who do not have English as their native language:
Specific eligibility in the English language from upper secondary school for non-Swedish students:
TOEFL 575/90; IELTS 6.5 no section below 5.5, or University of Cambrige and Oxford tests. Detailed information is available on www.universityadmissions.se

Applicants with Swedish qualifications:
Engelska B.

Please see the programme descriptor for the formal wording of the admissions requirements.

Programme Descriptor (PDF)

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