Graduates 2010/2011

Annika Beck
Cross-border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions: the case of the Greater Region

Martin Böhm
The demographic decline - the case of Sweden

Beate Caeser
Fast Track Networks in the European Union: a comparison between concept and practice

Kong Chen & Dong Zhi
Beijing - the forming of a Polycentric Megacity

Anne-Sophie Dureigne
Public Participation in the Planning Process of Möllevången and Seved: a comparatice case study

Gorana Johansson
Transition in Crisis: the impact of interaction between informal institutions and political and economic elite in transition; the case of Dalmatia and Croatia

Yu Lan & Zhou Biyun
The Compact City Form: Case Study of Shenzhen

Anne van Maarschalkerweerd
Rural population decline in the Dutch planning system

Baiba Thomaeus
The European Concept of Green Corridors in Sustainable Transport Systems: Case of East-West Transport Corridor in the Baltic Sea Region

Zhang Wenjie
Managing Traffic Congestion: case study of Hangzhou, China

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