Thesis, 30 credits

Course code: FM2411

Spring term (Jan-Jun)


Under guidance of senior faculty, students prepare a research proposal and undertake research on a topic that interests them and that is relevant to Eurppean spatial planning and regional development. All theses are presented in final seminars with external opponents and a grading committee.

General learning objectives

After completion of the course the students will be able to problematise and analyse a complex assignment of relevance to the programme, be able to suggest measures to be taken, suggestions or analytical angles of approach, and also be able to present the thesis work in writing and orally.


The aim of the course is to let the students demonstrate their capacity for applying the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during their time of study through independently handling a complex assignment of planning, investigation or analysis.


The thesis deals with matters and fields that are relevant to European spatial planning and regional development and connects clearly to subjects in the Master’s program. Method and theory are accounted for clearly and are supported by reference to professional or research-based knowledge, as the case may be.

Formal syllabus

FM2411 Syllabus

General information and materials

Schedule for thesis presentations, 28-31 May 2007

General guidance on how to write your thesis: Writing research thesis and dissertations

All finished theses can be found in BTH's central (electronic) archive: ArkivEX

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