Research at the swedish school of planning

The research undertaken at the Swedish School of Planning is aimed at developing new knowledge and improved understanding of the processes and factors that determine the development and planning of cities, societies and regions. A key concern is how to adapt, manage and develop environments for human needs and for the planning of sustainable communities. This kind of planning research is by its nature interdisciplinary and intercultural.

Research at the School can be grouped into three broad fields: planning for sustainable urban development, environmental processes and management, and regional development.


Sustainable Urban Development

Planning for sustainable urban development includes the planning, design and management of urban spaces and has an emphasis on the interaction between humans, society and planning. The focus of the research is both normative and cognitive.

Environmental Processes and Management

Research into the environmental processes and management in planning and public-sector decision-making is concerned with environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, the handling of environmental concerns in different planning contexts, strategies and on different levels.

Regional Development

The research field of regional development is focused on the socio-economic and physical structures of regional development programmes, strategies and actions.

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