The Swedish School of Planning

Spatial Planning - Education and Research

Blekinge Institute of Tecnology, BTH, has a unique Master´s programme in Spatial planning, the only one in Sweden which combines training computer-supported Urban Design skills as well as analytical skills based on the Social, Engineering and Environmental Sciences. The programme enrols some 200 students. The permanent teaching staff of 17 is further reinforced by expert guest lecturers from the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, which also is located at Karlskrona, as well as other visiting planning experts, architects and practitioners.

The students have their individual workspace at school and good access to computers.

BTH has the right to provide post-graduate training and award PhD degrees ('teknologie doktor'). The doctoral program is growing and 9 doctoral students are currently undertaking research in a number of fields.

The research program includes work on urban regeneration in industrial and residential areas, environmental impact assessment studies, computer-aided planning, transport studies, and conflict management in spatial planning.


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