RESEARCH in the Culture & Communication group at bth


The group's research covers a broad field that spans from subject-specific research to research within digital humanities, literature, and digital cultural studies. 

In 2008, the group formed a research laboratory, the Cultural Practice and Applied Technology Laboratory (CP@T). The lab is dedicated to humanities-based research into cultural applications of contemporary and emergent digital media technologies. The laboratory supports research, technical and humanities education, and media innovation.

The CP@T-LAB operates as a laboratory for critical and creative practice in the humanities developing creative cultural applications that explore expressive potentialities of interactive and programmable media technologies including electronic literature, digital art, humanistic uses of mobile technology, digital video production, and technology-based performance and installation works. In addition to producing creative media applications that explore humanistic uses of new media technologies, the lab produces and publish documentation and critical analysis of research.

For more information about our HERA-funded research project ELMCIP, go here.


Individual researchers' pages: (coming soon)

Maria Engberg

Talan Memmott

Lissa Holloway-Attaway

Guest professor Jay D Bolter

Doctoral student Maria Bäcke

Share Dela