ELMCIP anthology of European Electronic Literature

We are now producing the anthology of European Electronic Literature. The editors are Maria Engberg, Talan Memmott, and David Prater. The anthology will be published in October 2012. For more information, contact Maria Engberg (meg@bth.se) or Talan Memmott (tmt@bth.se)

BTH ELMCIP workshop on pedagogy and electronic literature

Thanks to everyone who helped us make the ELMCIP pedagogy workshop in June 2011 a splendid event!

For more information on presentations, please see the knowledge base: http://elmcip.net

You will find videos from the event on our VIMEO site (http://vimeo.com/elmcip) and the ELMCIP website.



HERA funds project on Creativity in Electronic Literature

BTH researchers are part of a major European project exploring the emerging field of electronic literature as a networked, creative community. University of Bergen leads the project. Maria Engberg is Principal Investigator and Talan Memmott is Co-Investigator, both from the group for Culture & Communication at the School of Planning and Media Design. BTH's share of the project budget, pending ESF approval, is 214,600 Euros.

The project “Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice” has been recommended for funding, pending final contract negotiations with the European Science Foundation to be completed in January 2010. “Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice” (ELMCIP) is a 3-year collaborative research project which will run from 2010-2013. The project will be funded under Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) joint research project theme: ’Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation’. (http://www.heranet.info/) The budget for the project as a whole will be just under one million Euros.

ELMCIP involves seven European academic research partners and one non-academic partner. The aim is to investigate how creative communities of practitioners form within a transnational and transcultural context in a globalized and distributed communication environment. Focusing on the electronic literature community in Europe as a model of networked creativity and innovation in practice, ELMCIP is intended both to study the formation and interactions of that community and to gain insight into the social affects and manifestations of creativity as an engine for innovation.

The partners include: The University of Bergen, Norway (Project Leader Scott Rettberg, Co-I Jill Walker Rettberg), the Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland (PI Simon Biggs, Co-I Penny Travlou), The University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (PI Yra Van Dijk), The University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (PI Janez Strehovec), The University of Jyväskylä, Finland (PI Raine Koskimaa), and University College Falmouth at Dartington, England (PI Jerome Fletcher), New Media Scotland, and Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden (PI Maria Engberg, Co-I Talan Memmott).

The project will fund three post-docs and one PhD. BTH will host a 12-month post-doc focused on electronic literature publication and education. Among the other positions that will be advertised are a 20-month post-doc in electronic literature bibliography at the University of Bergen, and a three year PhD in electronic literature and design at the Edinburgh College of Art. The project also funds a three-year post-doc in ethnography of digital culture at the Edinburgh College of Art.


The research outcomes of the project will include: a series of case studies and research papers on electronic literature, a series of public seminars on electronic literature in different cultural contexts, the production of an extensive online knowledge base including papers and presentations from the seminars, project information and bibliographic records of works of electronic literature, a major international conference, a public exhibition of electronic literature artworks and performances. BTH’s main contributions will be a workshop on electronic literature and education and a companion anthology of electronic literature including pedagogical materials. All publications resulting from the project, including conference proceedings, exhibition catalog, project documentation and the DVD anthology, will be made available on the project website.

For more information about ELMCIP, please contact PI Maria Engberg, maria.engberg@bth.se, 0455-385367 or Co-I Talan Memmott, talan.memmott@bth.se, 0455-385322, or consult the website: http://www.elmcip.net


For all projects funded under the HERA 2009 call, see: http://www.heranet.info/Default.aspx?ID=356

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