Why study Literature, Culture and Digital Media?

Are you interested in the arts and culture but also technological change?  Would you like to work in mass media, publishing or even in public relations?  Would you find it exciting to study together with students from Russia and the United States?

Then perhaps you ought to think about studying with us. 

In the Literature, Culture and Digital Media program students study wide ranging phenomena like the World Wide Web, film, novels, hypertext and computer games.  We discuss literature's relationship to film technology, work with graphic design and produce web-based projects on the relationship between culture and identity.  Our textbooks consist of printed books, of course, but also of films, computer games and e-texts. 

With us, you will study along side (via the Internet) students from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta (USA) and the European University in St. Petersburg (Russia), and take part in collaborative projects with them.  You will be taught by teachers from the United States, England, Russia and, naturally, Sweden.  You will even have the chance to spend a term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Welcome to studies in Literature, Culture and Digital Media!

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