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LCDM Special Project 2011 - Re:History

The Re:History: Archive Yourself project is a collaboration between the Marinmuseum (Naval Museum) and the second year students in the LCDM program.

The collaboration reflects an interest in exploring the changing nature of the museum, the role of historical archives, and the challenges to "truth-telling" in the context of contemporary digital culture and emerging social media practices.

As a method of investigating these cultural and technical innovation, LCDM students will produce a hybrid mediated/live performance at the Marinmuseum at 14.00 on May 17th (in Hörsalen), followed by a discussion with faculty project directors and museum personnel about the research goals influencing the performance.

Join us in person or for the live stream via the project website on May 17th, at 14.00.

Read more on the project website www.rehistory.se

Please contact Lissa Holloway-Attaway (lat@bth.se) or Malin Jogmark (mjo@bth.se) with questions.



LCDM faculty collaborate with international museums and artists in Art Line project


Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) is a partner in the South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation program funded by the EU to support the Art Line project. The research project, with 14 international partners, is funded for three years, beginning in October 2010 and has been awarded 12.3 million Swedish crowns. Faculty members and students from the School of Media Planning and Design (DSN) will support a range of activities included within the three year production period. Read more here...





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