International Exchange & Affiliations

The LCDM program was developed in close collaboration with faculty from the School of Literature, Communication & Culture at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA). Many faculty members from Atlanta have taught in our program, and we have an exchange program for students.

We have also had Erasmus exchange students from Germany and Italy, and we have international students from a number of countries, for instance Nigeria, Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, India, and China.

Student Exchange


Students from the STAC (Science, Technology, and Culture) program at the Department of Literature, Communication & Culture spend one semester in Karlskrona taking courses in LCDM.

Students from the LCDM program visit the STAC program for one semester.

Usually, up to two  students may participate in the exchange each semester.

For more information about the exchange, please consult program director Malin Jogmark.



In the European university and college exchange program, ERASMUS, students at BTH can study 3-12 months in another EU/EES country as an ERASMUS exchange student. For more information about the program and collaborating universities, please consult the International Office at BTH. More information in Swedish.


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