The three years' of study are organized thematically. The program is taught entirely in English.

The first year focuses on critical thinking within literature, media, and visual culture studies. Students are introduced to digital tools and general principles of media design. This year also includes intensive language and communication components.

The second year focuses on principles of digital expression, building upon the skills and knowledge the students acquired in the first year. Courses include rhetoric and new media, professional technical communication, and information architecture. The second year also includes a longer collaborative project in digital media focused on defined themes relevant to cultural media studies.

The third year focuses on advanced critical thinking and digital production. During the final semester students will also complete a thesis project (comprised of a critical essay and original digital artifact) that constitutes their examination work.


New education plan

As of the fall semester 2009 we have a new education plan. New courses include: Media production I and II, and Communicating Innovation.


Here is the structure of the program as of 2009 in pdf-format.




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