BTH and School of Planning and Media Design is funded by EU as a Partner in the Art Line Project


Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) is a partner in the South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation program funded by the EU to support the Art Line project. The research project, with 14 international partners, is funded for three years, beginning in October 2010 and has been awarded 12.3 million Swedish crowns. Faculty members and students from the School of Media Planning and Design (DSN) will support a range of activities included within the three year production period.


The aim of the Art Line project is to create a cooperative network in the South Baltic region to support inter-cultural dialogue, knowledge sharing and to build a common identity through innovative art practices and digital media research. Art Line will support and develop art in physical and virtual spaces and create interactive digital story-telling activities about Baltic sea-travel in a number of sites within the region. The project will also develop a digital media platform for communication, exchange, exhibition, and publication about experimental digital art.


The project offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the important role of digital media within emerging creative practices and in different cultural contexts. Representatives from the arts, academic institutions, digital media researchers, and cultural tourism will work together to explore the ways that contemporary art practice responds to the influence of new media. BTH researchers will work closely with the lead partner for the project, the Blekinge Museum, and with project leader Torun Ekstrand,, as well as with other partner institutions from Poland, Sweden, Germany, Kaliningrad, and Lithuania.


BTH/DSN faculty involved in the Art Line Project are Senior Lecturer Pirjo Elovaara (Technoscience Studies), Senior Lecturer Lissa Holloway-Attaway (English/Digital Culture Studies) and Adjunct Lecturer Talan  Memmott (English/Digital Culture Studies.). Students within the Literature, Culture, and Digital Media Programs and within the new Digital Culture and Communication Program (beginning at BTH in Fall 2011) will also participate in the project. BTH will host seminars as well as support an exhibition focused on digital performance. BTH faculty will participate in other seminars, workshops, and exhibitions hosted at partner institutions, as well as on the Stena Line ferry between Karlskrona and Gdynia. BTH faculty and students, together with the partners, will explore practical and theoretical issues about how new media forms can operate within culture to support communication and to enhance our understanding of narrative, virtual vs. physical spaces, and innovative artistic expression.


For more information about Art Line visit: or contact Lissa Holloway-Attaway at BTH (  or Project Leader Torun Ekstrand (


In Spring 2011, the Digital Art Platform will be online at :


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