Agora Network Sustainable Tourism

Training seminars and conferences organised by the ETOUR/BTH project "Integrating sustainable tourism development with spatial planning at local and regional level".

This pages shows the programme for two training seminars/conferences organised by ETOUR/BTH as part of partnership training. The Karlskrona conference was also an extension service to several planning and tourism programmes at university level in the Baltic region.

"Sustainable Tourism in Coastal Areas and Archipelagos of the Baltic"

April 26-28 2007, Karlskrona, Sweden at the Marine Museum

An Agora seminar which brought together operators, tourism development experts, researchers, administrators and other interested parties in exchange of practical experience, discussion and to hear recent research results.

Programme and links to presentations

Introduction to seminar 

Lars Emmelin, professor, School of planning, BTH

Ecotourism development- an operators challenge to planning and management

Jan Wigsten, Director, Nomadic Journeys
The role of spatial planning in developing tourism and recreation

Mårten Dunér, Head of Unit National Board of Housing, Planning and Building

Sustainable tourism and regional development-critical reflections

Dieter Müller, Associate professor, Dept of Geography Umeå University

Tourism in protected areas

Peter Fredman, Dr, ETOUR

AGORA sustainability check 

Wolfgang Günter, DR, Institute for Tourism and recreational Research in Northern Europe, Kiel

FiF - a national Swedish programme for research in outdoor recreation and nature tourism

Peter Fredman, programme director, ETOUR

A national park dilemma: understanding conflicts between conservation and recreation development

Klas Sandell, professor, Karlstad University

The Archipelago Sea - A Finnish experience of development and conservation and the biosphere reserve concept

Katja Bonnevier, coordinator, Region Åboland

Kristianstad Vattenrike - planning, development & entrepreneurs in a biosphere area

Joachim Regnell, Dr Kristianstads Univ.College, Jan Olsson, tourism operator

The Karlskrona World Heritage as a tourism development asset

Ivar Wenster, Director of cultural affairs, Karlskrona municipality

Planning for biosphere area in Blekinge Archipelago

Elisabeth Wallsten, expert, Blekinge County administration             

Recreation research in the Blekinge case study area

Lars Emmelin, professor BTH; Rosemarie Ankre, doctoral student ETOUR/BTH; Lena Petersson Forsberg, doctoral student BTH               


      Agora Training Seminar on Impact Assessment 
                 and Spatial Planning for Tourism

                      June 14, 2006, Jurmala, Latvia

Strategic Environmental Assessment for Tourism Planning: Issues, Formal Requirements and Methods x

Professor Lars Emmelin, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona / SWEDEN

The Agora sustainability tourism development network - a presentation

Wolfgang Günther, Institute for Tourism and Recreational Research in Northern Europe, Kiel, GERMANY

Sustainability Appraisal of Tourism Projects and Land Use Planning

Dr Simona Kosikova, The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Szentendre / HUNGARY 

Baltic 21 Indicators for the Development of Sustainable Tourism on Local and Regional Level - Results of a Project carried out for Baltic 21 Tourism Task Force

Wolfgang Günther, Institute for Tourism and Recreational Research in Northern Europe, Kiel, GERMANY 

Planning for nature tourism - handling the conflict between use and conservation.

Associate Professor Hans-Georg Wallentinus, Swedish EIA-Centre, SLU, Uppsala

Planning for Ecotourism - an Operators View

Jan Wigsten, Nomadic Journeys, SWEDEN


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