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Pilot studies, cases and "good examples"

Within the Agora project pilot studies have been conducted in the Luleå and Blekinge archipelagos dealing with many of the planning issues discussed here.

The regional vision in Blekinge has resulted in an application for biosphere reserv status for Blekinge archipelago to the UNESCO MAB programme. The archipelago(the link leads to another site)  has been granted status as applicant.

Examples will be continuously added as part of keeping this toolbox evolving. The Agora partners have been asked to contribute examples of good planning and conservation related to tourism development in the Baltic sea region. The Matsalu region and the Kemeri National Park .

The Finnish "Archipelago Sea" is an interesting case study of conservation and development in a large Baltic archipelago. It was discussed in the Karlskrona Agora seminar.

Pioneering work has been done to get acceptance for Natura 2000 by local communities in XX 


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