Agora Network Sustainable Tourism

A toolbox for integrating sustainable tourism into spatial planning at local and regional level  

A toolbox for the spatial planner

The toolbox is aimed at spatial planners at local and regional level who are charged with planning for assisting the development of sustainable tourism without being themselves specialists in tourism development.

A toolbox of four compartments

This toolbox for spatial planning for sustainable tourism and is structured into three levels:

1. A basic set on this home page presents concepts, issues and crucial questions to address for the spatial planner working to integrate sustainable tourism.

2. Links to useful tools and texts directly related to the practical work of the planner.

3. Further reading, in depth material, textbooks and scientific articles.

4. Material from Agora training seminars and conferences organised by BTH/ETOUR.


An evolving toolbox

The agora programme has produced this toolbox. The School of Planning at Blekinge Institute of Technology teaching and researching spatial planning, environmental assessment and outdoor recreation and nature tourism in several projects and programmes and partnerships will continue to update and evolve this site. 

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