Posthumanist texts 
Course based on the book Posthumanist texts (Cecilia Åsberg, Martin Hultman, Francis Lee, 2012, Posthumanistiska nyckeltexter). The course was intensified during autumn 2014 and finalized in January 2015.

Methods in Technoscience (ongoing)
The course can be seen as a search for a common ground on method and methodology in Technoscience Studies. The epistemological “floor” problematizes the scientific process and we need to “walk the talk”. There is much at stake, our ambition is to improve the scientific inquiry, but we risk to be rejected by the representatives for “normal” science. We have chosen a more difficult road, with great liberty in research, but also with a great responsibility. 

Ontoepistemological points of departure in feminist technoscience
This PhD course is under development and is offered to all departments at BTH. Its title is Ontoepistemological points of departure in feminist technoscience with the aim for the doctoral student to acquire more in-depth knowledge within the field of theory, in which feminist technoscience is developed. The course offers the opportunity to reflect consciously and with nuance upon different perspectives of theories of science, and their consequences for the individual doctoral project.
The course took place 9 - 11 November 2015. Please find detailed course presentation at this link

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