Applied health technology

Tillämpad hälsoteknik

Applied health technology is an interdisciplinary field that in various ways studies how health directly and indirectly can be related to the use and impact of technology. Studies can be made, both from the perspective of an individual and a population, and with a multidisciplinary approach. The research also intends to show how technology can be combined with research in health sciences, public health and medicine to promote a good life.

Presentation of projects and researchers:

E-health - Sustainable products and services within e-health and telemedecin
Researcher: Johan Berglund

Virtual health square: a new health promotion arena?
Researcher: Ewy Olander
PhD: Amina Jama Mahmud

Care planning over distance
Researcher: Christel Borg
PhD: Malin Hofflander

Health services in healthcare
Researcher: Christel Borg
PhD: Lina Nilsson

Examples of partners:

  • Blekinge County Council
  • Linköping University

Exempel på finansiärer:

  • Blekinge research council
  • Swedish Association of local authorities and regions
  • Sweedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth - Tillväxtverket

Contact for research subject:
Johan Berglund, Ewy Olander, Christel Borg, Peter Anderberg

Ewy Olander - researcher in
applied health technology

Biomechanical aspects of movement-related pain
Researcher: Johan Berglund, Peter Anderberg
PhD: Titti Lilje

Elderly people's Internet and computer usage
Researcher: Johan Berglund, Mikael Rennemark, Peter Anderberg
PhD: Jessica Berner

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The research in applied health technology at the Department of Health at BTH is conducted primarily within the two research environments developed at the department, i.e. research in Sustainable Active Ageing and Health & Technology.

The research environments include research within the department's four research areas, caring and nursing science, public health science, medicine and applied health technology. The majority of the department’s research fall under the two research environments whiles some research projects remain exclusively within their areas of research.


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