Caring and nursing science


Caring and nursing science is science that deals with the entire human life cycle - from birth to death. The research focuses on the patients, and their families, needs and abilities, on the health and environmental conditions and on organizational circumstances and care efforts.

The research results will help to renew and improve health care in Sweden and abroad regardless caregivers. Knowledge of caring also aims to provide a deeper understanding of the motives and contexts of meaning. Caring and nursing science focuses on concepts such as the human being, health, the caring relation and the caring environment.

Presentation of researchers and projects

Life after a heart attack, and the experience of social support for young people and their families.
Researcher: Ania Willman, Gunilla Borglin
PhD: Ewa Andersson

Implementation of national guidelines for people with schizophrenia - the attitudes and perceptions of decision makers and staff
Researcher: Ania Willman, Gunilla Borglin
PhD: Boel Sandström

Sleep Disturbances and Nursing Interventions in Middle-Aged and Older Adults
Researcher: Ania Willman, Cecilia Fagerström
PhD: Amanda Hellström

Sustainable Active Ageing - A pilot project for the most sick elderly people

“Äldrelotsens” importance for continuity of care for elderly people with multi-sickness
Researcher: Göran Holst, Ania Willman, Doris Bohman
PhD: Markus Gustafsson

The most sick elderly in Blekinge, in-depth understanding from a patient perspective
Researcher: Ania Willman, Göran Holst PhD: Agneta Lindvall

Relatives perceived situation and the magnitude of their actions during the care of elderly with complex health problems
Researcher: Ania Willman, Göran Holst PhD: Ann-Charlotte Holmgren

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Göran Holst

Göran Holst - researcher in caring and nursing science

SNAC- Swedish National study on Ageing and Care - Blekinge

Researcher: Göran Holst, Cecilia Fagerström, Gunilla Borglin
PhD: Amanda Hellström

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Examples of partners:

Blekinge County Council
The Ministry of Welfare
Lund University

Examples of funding:

Blekinge research council
Swedish Association of local authorities and regions

The research in Caring and nursing science at the Department of Health at BTH is conducted primarily within the two research environments developed at the department, i.e. research in Sustainable Active Ageing and Health & Technology.

The research environments include research within the department's four research areas, caring and nursing science, public health science, medicine and applied health technology. The majority of the department’s research fall under the two research environments whiles some research projects remain exclusively within their areas of research.


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