Forskning radiokommunikation

Radio communication

BTH has strong research in areas such as radio, radio access, radio-networks and radio systems. End users more and more want to be able to communicate with both voice and multimedia without being tied to a fixed location. The increase of multimedia use places greater and greater demands on the system that handles the communication.

Radio communication systems consist of multiple transmitters and receivers which communicate with each other within a given frequency band. Since the users of the systems send more and more data, future systems will be required to manage larger amounts of data at a lower cost, without a loss in quality.

The application of high-speed communications for multimedia has been the basis of much research and standardization. The processor speed for semiconductors has doubled every two years, but this also means that the power consumption grows by 150% in the same timeframe.

Radio communication systems face a major challenge in developing energy-efficient battery-powered mobile devices and bringing down the power consumption of network devices. It is therefore important to find effective methods for processing radio that can lead to increased energy efficiency, this is called green communication.

Radiokommunikation - Hans-Jurgen Zepernick

Hans-Jürgen Zepernick - researcher in
radio communication

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