Software engineering

The research domain of software engineering is focused on improving methods, techniques and tools for developing software. In today's society software can be found everywhere. Some examples are cellphones, cash dispensers, patient systems in healthcare and of course the entire web.

Software systems are often large, and they must also communicate with several other systems. This means that there are major challenges when it comes to developing the right system with the right quality at the best cost, and to ensure that the software is available at the right time. The area has great societal significance, given the extent to which modern society depends on computers and working software.

Research in this field focuses on making software development more efficient and contributes to making systems of sufficient quality. At BTH, the research is currently focused on the product and requirements management, design, testing, quality attributes, software architectures, management issues, improving the development process and global software development. The research is conducted in close collaboration with the industry to partly contribute to the improvement of them, and partly to ensure that the research is focused on the relevant issues.

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Claes Wohlin

Claes Wohlin - researcher in
software engineering

Exemples of funding: Vinnova and KKS.

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