Telecommunication systems

Telecommunication systems provides services for transporting different kinds of data between different types of devices. This requires communication networks such as the Internet. Time typical devices include computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, peers, machines, etc. and wireless and/or mobile connections are becoming increasingly popular for connecting to the core network.

Today's Internet conveys every conceivable type of data, such as videos and file transfers, emails and web sites between people and machines. Telecommunication systems, especially the Internet, have become a key factor in the global ecosystem, and efforts are being directed towards applications which enhance the sustainability of industry and society. At present much focus lies on information and communication technology (ICT) in areas such as e-health, intelligent transportation and smart energy.

Smart solutions require smart ICT support, which means that data transmission should be made in an optimal manner, considering performance-, cost- and sustainability aspects. Against this background, the research aims to design future-proof systems and related architecture; partly measure, model and analyze system characteristics with a particular focus on wireless systems and taking into account the user perceived performance and resource consumption, and partly optimize system capabilities and characteristics. Through these activities, the field telecommunication systems connects BTH:s focus areas Applied IT and Sustainable development. For the general public this means more affordable and greener services with a better user experience.

BTH´s research in telecommunications systems focus on performance and efficiency issues. Our researchers have specific expertise in the evaluation and treatment of mobile multimedia, web services, and virtual environments such as cloud computing and cloud networking. The research team has access to both the network and radio communication lab with equipment that allows advanced experiments, measurement and emulation capabilities.

Markus Fiedler

Markus Fiedler - researcher in
telecommunication systems

Some of the research focuses on user-perceived quality (Quality of Experience) and tries to build bridges between objectively measurable values and subjective user reviews in order to allow for a continuous quality monitoring without burdening the user. Furthermore research on future communication networks is being conducted.

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