Top Rankings for BTH research

Systems and Software Engineering
BTH's research is ranked number six in the world and number one in Europe in systems and software engineering by the Journal of Systems and Software based on publications in 2004-2008.

Professor Claes Wohlin, Blekinge Institute of Technology, has been in the top 15 list over the most published researchers in the world in the field four times, in the past six rankings occasions.

Two sustainability researchers at BTH are ranked among the top six in the world in terms of research impact in the community according to The Globe Sustainability Research Award. The two scientists are Göran Broman and Karl-Henrik Robèrt.

Mathematics and Physics
Two BTH researchers (in mathematics and physics respectively) have been appointed world-leading by the Russian Ministry of Education and Research (2011). More than 500 were nominated worldwide and BTH is the only institution with two winning scientists. The two researchers are Nail Ibrabimov (mathematics) and Oleg Rudenko (physics).

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