Research fields at BTH

Below the BTH research fields are presented:

Current projects

Henrik NyResponsible for Swedens leading electric car venture

Green Charge – A project where industry, higher education institutions, municipalities, county councils, county administrative boards and regional councils work together for a sustainable introduction of electric vehicles and electric charging infrastructure. The project combines practical demonstrations of research evaluations.

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Henric JohnssonIncreasing maritime safety and security in the Baltic Sea

BTH is one of the founders of the Baltic Maritime Science Park - an international cluster within maritime safety and security. The cluster's mission is to connect the authorities need for secure solutions with the latest research development of new technologies and the industry's ability to create commercial products and services. The project has been chosen as a flagship of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea.

ChristelConnecting IT with healthcare

Research in applied health technology at BTH focuses on finding flexible IT-solutions that take a holistic approach but also sees the individual's perspective. It also illustrates how IT can be successfully used in the communication between the patient and health care system.

MatsFacilitating the search of distressed at sea

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) has significant advantages over conventional optical cameras. SAR has the ability to depict large areas of land from space with high resolution and independent of weather and lighting conditions. With SAR, we can for example measure glacier movements and easily locate distressed at sea.

Martin BoldtProviding police assistance in data collection

To solve more serial crime BTH is working together with the police in designing and developing IT systems that provide increased knowledge about burglary in permanent housing and improve investigations. Another goal is to develop a structured and lasting cooperation between the police authorities.


JohannaMinimizing train delays

The research project is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration for the development and demonstration of mathematical calculation support for train service management. The fast algorithms propose a set of relevant suggestions on how rail traffic can be re-scheduled and what the consequences will be.

Tobias LarssonImproving the competitiveness of industry

To increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry and to develop future sustainable product-service systems BTH is building a research environment on innovative product development. The Knowledge Foundation supports the project which will work on issues related to innovative product development, sustainability, adaptability and decision support.

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MartinImproving conditions for business creation

The research is about improving the conditions for business creation. It shows the impact of innovation on regional and national growth, which the characteristics of innovative companies are and how national and regional policies affect business dynamics and innovation.

JanaMaking future cities sustainable

Research in spatial planning focuses on planning for a sustainable urban development, i.e. planning, design and management of urban space and the challenges sustainable urban planning entails.

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