Artificial Paintings is offering an annual scholarship contest

$500 Scholarship listed under Artificial Paintings


Sista datum för anmälning: 2021-12-07

Företagsnamn: Artificial Paintings

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Utbildningsnivå: Kandidat Magister/Master

Utbildningsområde: Datavetenskap och mjukvaruutveckling Digitala medier och spelteknik

$500 Scholarship listed under Artificial Paintings

Artists are normally critical to the evolution of media, yet they are usually left out in the discussion of up-to-date technologies. Collaboration of IT, data science and artistic society can provide a jump-start on the future of fine arts. Artificial intelligence is part of the process. Computers have already played a significant role in design and fine arts. Why don’t we try to use them as a canvas and a brush? This is exactly what we do in Artificial Paintings. In order to boost the sparkling collaboration of modern art and state-of-the-art technologies, we would like to announce a contest and give you a brilliant opportunity to win $500 for sharing your opinion on the following topic: “The influence of technology and artificial intelligence on the art industry”.

We believe that technological development goes alongside fine art evolution. Our professional target is to sustain and facilitate this fragile balance. We offer you to think it over and share your personal opinion about the issue. Can artificial intelligence be considered a creative entity on its own? Or is it just a tool for human creativity? Which is prior? Here are the logical threads to be depicted in your essay.

Who’s eligible?
We are looking for participants above 18 y.o. We set no other limits. No need to prove your enrollment, residence, professional status, etc. The only thing that matters is your sincere intention to share your point of view on so-called computational creativity.

How to Apply
Share your ideas in an essay. Please, take into consideration the volume, 500-1000 words amount is perfectly fine. Get in touch with us at, submit your work and don’t forget to mark your letter as “AI contest”. Leave your personal information so that we can contact you. Once you’ve submitted your essay, we will confirm your participant status.

The final date for entering the contest is December, 7, 2021. The committee will choose the winner by December, 31, 2021. We will reward the winner by January, 14, 2022.

Copyright notice

All written submissions become the intellectual property of Artificial Paintings and can be posted on our website, blog, social media, marketing papers and elsewhere as we see fit.

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