Master Thesis Project-Development of an IR sensor cleaning system

In this thesis, students will learn and practice the product development process from idea generation, through modelling and designing, and finally testing and validation of a physical full-scale prototype onboard an asphalt roller.


Sista datum för anmälning: 2022-12-10

Företagsnamn: Dynapac Compaction Equipment AB

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Utbildningsnivå: Magister/Master

Utbildningsområde: Civilingenjörsutbildningar Maskinteknik

Writing your thesis with us at Dynapac
If you are technically interested and would like to explore different technical areas and exciting products, Dynapac is the place to be! Our technical department deals with many technical systems within different areas such as mechanical design, electronics, hydraulics, software, structural analysis, dynamics etc. As a thesis worker in our organization, you will be able to explore how a modern product is built up by a cooperation between engineers, skilled in the different technique areas. You will be supported by one or several supervisors who follow you during your project. They will introduce you in the problem to be solved and guide you through the process of how modern engineering work is carried out.

To provide our customers with the latest built-in technology and to improve the quality of the end product in a sustainable and ergonomic manner, we equip many of our machines with measurement tools aimed to aid the operator to achieve the required compaction targets in the most efficient way. One of these tools are IR sensors that automatically detects the temperature of the working material. Since our machines often operate in a harsh environment, the sensible electronics need to be protected or regularly cleaned from debris to function properly. We need your help to invent, design and test such protection/cleaning systems. In this project you will practice all steps from problem understanding, idea generation, idea evaluation, modelling and testing of the final prototype. You will gain a great understanding of how engineering methods and procedures are used in practice and discover how a product is developed from the first idea to a realized product.

Activities that might arise during the project
• Initial studies of how IR sensors work and should be installed.
• Brainstorming of innovative ideas to keep the sensors clean enough to output reliable values.
• Evaluation of different ideas in a systematical way.
• Detailed development and refinement of the final realistic ideas.
• CAD modelling (with help if needed) of the final realistic ideas.
• Creation of drawings for manufacturing of prototypes.
• Full scale testing of the prototypes in a realistic environment onboard a large asphalt roller.

• The work will start in January 2023
• This thesis is to be conducted by 1 or 2 students.

Apply as soon as possible but no later than 10:th of December.
Please send your application and CV to

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