Master thesis: Precision manufacturing using additive manufacturing

This study will investigate manufacturing of small metallic structures with additive manufacturing (AM). These structures could be used in components in microwave radio links or 5G radio base stations.


Sista datum för anmälning: 2023-11-29

Företagsnamn: Ericsson AB

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Utbildningsnivå: Magister/Master

Utbildningsområde: Maskinteknik

he approach for this study is to investigate an electrical resonator structure with varied sizes corresponding to different wavelengths. The structures can be printed with LPBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion), and Binder Jetting.

The reference structures will be designed by Ericsson, but optimizations for printing will be done by thesis worker together with Ericsson. The structures have the same geometry but are scaled according to the frequency. The three frequencies are 23, 80 and 110 GHz.

The following steps are envisioned as part of the thesis work.

  • Literature review of similar structures manufactured by AM.
  • Optimization of printed parts for the chosen printing method and material together with Ericsson.
  • Iteration of printing and evaluating the result. Several iterations could be done.
  • Geometrical measurements showing the capability of the process, both dimensions and surface roughness.
  • Electrical measurements done by Ericsson.
  • Conclusions from analysis of printed parts.

The thesis will be concluded in a final report and printed samples that will be presented to the Ericsson team. The work will be supervised by mechanical design engineers and radio designers.

You will bring

  • This project aims at students in a Master’s program within Product Development.
  • The applicants shall have some experience in CAD tools.
  • Interest in AM is essential in this work.

We believe this thesis is done by two students working as a team with support from us and Chalmers.

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